Eradication of child labour

Hey little one, you look cute, have a good day. Thank you brother, but I’m already late for work!. Work? At such a young age? But where? Why? Aren’t you studying? Study? No brother, I was raised in a civilization where going to work was better considered a good idea than studying. But why? Because […]

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How beautiful it is? To know it rains soon and you wanna go home and await the smell of the watery mud, feel the cool breeze, Or maybe watch a horror movie, Or simply sleep in the lap of your beloved, Or maybe cuddle around to warm up each other, Or just await for the […]

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Just A Dream

Maybe you don’t know me, Or Maybe you already know who I am, Or Maybe I’m just another guy proposing you, Or Maybe you may think my love is just a joke and move on. Or Maybe all this is just a dream, And one day I’ll wake up with you next to me, and […]

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Maybe she didn’t have the courage to tell him. Maybe she was shy. She thought he may feel uncomfortable and lose his friendship. Yet thoughts of his were also the same. ! But their love story remained incomplete and quiet. Never heard, Never said. Only filled with regrets.

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IPL : Not Always About Cricket

I didn’t Know a thing about the IPL people we’re talking about. Maybe, It was not always about cricket… Not always about betting… Not always about who wins… People were always screaming “E Sala Cup Namde”, i had no idea about it. But the time I saw her, I knew only one thing !! E […]

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